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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 20, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good afternoon, everyone. i'm ama daetz. just recently the pentagon confirmed the u.s. military launched a secret military mission this summer to release americans captured in syria but did not find them. >> they say the hostages were not at the u.s. location where they believed they were held. this came a day after the islamic militants announced they had beheaded u.s. military man
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james foley. >> today, president obama vowed the u.s. would be relentless in its fight with the militants. karen travers has more. >> reporter: a somber president obama said that james foley's life stands in contrast to his killers. >> james' life was taken in a manner that shocked the contents of the entire world. >> reporter: it was done, they said to avenge the strikes in iraq. the video showing him is graphic and chilling. there is foley, with the executioner standing next to him. i wish i could have the hope of freedom and seeing my family once again, he said, but that ship has sailed. outside their home in new hampshire, foley's family showed incredible grace and strength. >> we just pray that jim's death can bring our country together in a stronger way and with the
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values that jim hold dear. >> reporter: the voice in that isis video has sparked major concerns in the u.s. and the u.k. british prime minister david cameron who shut his vacation short today said it looks increasingly like the person was a person from there. president obama said a group like isis has no place in the 21st century. >> from governments and peoples across the middle east there has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so that it does not spread. >> reporter: the u.s. airstrikes in iraq continue. and today, president obama said the u.s. will keep it up so long as americans are threatened. karen travers, abc news, washington. here at home, the family of a man shot and killed by police last march will sue san francisco in federal court.
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nbc's vic lee has more. >> reporter: well, the attorney believes that this controversial shooting was not justified and he wants the justice department to review this case. now, an internal sfpd investigation concluded that the shooting was justified and the officers involved have now gone back on duty. still, this controversy grows as this case goes to another level. >> the community is particularly outraged and rightfully show. >> reporter: attorney john burris says he will file the lawsuit. >> this federal lawsuit begins the machinery of justice. >> reporter: the 28-year-old was shot and killed by police last march at the park. officers were investigating reports of a man with a gun when they encountered nieto in the
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park. police say they fired when he appeared to draw a weapon. that weapon turned out to be a taser. >> this is the actual weapon that mr. nieto had. >> reporter: the police chief said it looked to the officers like a real gun. >> every indication that we had was that the officers were firing in defense of their lives. >> reporter: but others say there is a great disconnect between what police say and what witnesses saw. >> witnesses state that alex never pointed a taser, nor did he act in any furtive manner to point a taser at any officers. >> the fact that he had a taser, that is not a basis to shoot and kill someone. >> reporter: nieto's family and friends hope a civil lawsuit will bring out the truth by forcing the government to look at all the evidence. >> the police reports, the medical examiner's reports. the witness statements that they have. >> reporter: the chief believes that any federal investigation
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will find his officers did the right thing. >> it is a very -- you know, unbelievable tragedy. but i think that you know, the things that they went in the park -- the officers did what they felt they had to do. >> reporter: burriss has already filed a civil claim against san francisco and its police department. vic lee, abc 7 news. and crews are searching for a bay area teacher missing after a backpacking trip in the sierra. a missing person's alert was issued yesterday after 46-year-old greg muck failed to return home on saturday. he was hiking in king's park near fresno. >> he left a direct itinerary where he was going to go and he sticks to that because he was out there by himself. he was supposed to return on sunday at 8:00 p.m. on the 18th. his wife called the national park. >> muck's family has created a
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facebook page dedicated to the search. muck is scheduled to start his second year of teaching in fremont next week. a california patient tested for the ebola virus recently returned from traveling in west africa. the patient is currently being treated at a kaiser hospital in south sacramento. the center for infectious diseases said the patient is low risk but showed some symptoms consistent with ebola. the health officials emphasize that californians do not need to be worried. >> we have a situation here in california where we have the infrastructure both in the health care facilities and the public health system and the general infrastructure system with respect to sanitation that dramatically reduces the risk of ebola transmission. >> the hospital expects to get the test results back in three days. the health department is contacting those who may have come in contact with the patient. in hayward, police are investigating a bizarre fatality
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with a crime. the area was rippling across the east bay and south bay, police want to know just what happened on the overpass above the freeway near the industrial park exit. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more. >> reporter: traffic was backed up for miles during the commute because of a fatal accident on industrial parkway. police say the man jump from the overpass at 4:30 a.m. this morning and was hit by a big rig. police say it sounds like a case of suicide but think again. >> it is being investigated as a crime, at this point it doesn't look like a suicide. >> reporter: why he jumped is an important part of the investigation. police say because of what witnesses have told them they are digging deeper for clues. >> potentially there might have been other reasons why he jumped. it may not have been -- so we can you know, get enough information to make that decision at this point, what we
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know is he jumped. why, we have not determined. and so we can't call it a suicide and we can't call it a homicide. we only know that we need to further investigate. >> they focused this morning on this hotel next to the overpass where the man lived. a resident tells us the man was walking with a woman when someone in a car rolled up on them and pulled a gun. the woman ran but the man suffers from scoliosis. residents say he could not run so likely thought jumping was his only option. we won't go into that much detail, but police say why would a man jumping to his death be considered a crime? >> there was a criminal cause that he was trying to avoid an attack on his person, then potentially that could be a crime. but again that would be something that the d.a. would decide. >> residents say the man lives here with his mother and brother. investigators have spent the morning here talking to people.
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it does appear that this investigation is far from over. amy hollyfield, nbc 7 news. and the way fire growing to 330 acres and still only 15% contained. officials say eight homes have been destroyed, ten out buildings are affected. it is east of bakersfield. 900 firefighters are fighting that blaze. the cause of the fire is still not known. well, a grateful community took to the streets today to thank the firefighters for most of the sunday saved from a fast-moving fire. >> the junction fire is contained now with all structures contained. >> abc news reporter laurie anthony has more from oakhurst. >> reporter: they were out with the sun this morning, cheerleaders from yosemite to greet the firefighters on highway 41, and especially to thank them. >> we're all out here thanking
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the firefighters for saving the community. >> it is a good way to give back. a lot of them are far from home. >> in the meantime, up the role, dale and lorene web returned to their home for the first time in two days. well, how does it look? >> it looks just like it did when we left. thankfully if you live on the river falls area, east of 41, get out now. >> reporter: both in their 80s, the webs left in a hurry monday afternoon as the flames moved toward them. all they could do is grab their dog, casey. >> and we stood here and watched it come over that mountain. and we knew we had to get out of her here. >> reporter: all that is left, for the most part here, is the cleanup. cal-fire spent the day working on trees and fire. >> they are still establishing the control lines. >> reporter: in the end, the
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fire consumed three homes and just over 600 acres, a relatively small area but one that cut right through a town that is clearly grateful. in oakhurst, laura anthony, abc 7 news. very fortunate indeed. let's look at the forecast now. spencer christian is here with the accuweather update. >> hey, there, as you know we have had a lot of cloud cover here in the san francisco area and north bay, although locations to the east have had a bit more sunshine. we're getting more here in the embarcadero. you can see clouds over much of the north bay beginning to thin out around the golden gate and out over the bay right now. let's take a look at spotty drizzle totals from this morning. that has been the most popular weather term of the week, spotty drizzle. we had anywhere from two to 400th of an inch here, pengrove and santa rosa, but it has ended
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now. here is blue sky over the bay from the roof top camera. 67 degrees in san francisco, low 70s in oakland, and san carlos, 81, san jose, looking at the golden gate, blue skies, 66 in santa rosa, low-to-mid 70s in novato, fairfield, concord and livermore and blue skies over like tahoe as we view our first forecast. increasing clouds and fog this evening. sunny, mild tomorrow. generally across the bay area with highs ranging from mid-60s up the coast. i'll give you a look at what is ahead. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, helping the immigrant children who crossed the border. how local law firms are stepping in to help. and what is causing a big increase in giant spiders in one bay area community at 4:30. attorney general eric holder is now here in ferguson,
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missouri, with the latest coming up. and taking a live look at the traffic on this wednesday coming up on 4:13. this is the sky way in san francisco, a little bit better on the right-hand side. that is traffic heading down the peninsula 101 south. on the left side people are crawling along going over to the lower bay bridge a
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covering san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. the california highway patrol confirms there was an illegal side show on the golden
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gate bridge over the weekend, with the video posted on instagram. it happened sunday afternoon and appeared to last about 15 seconds, there were calls from motorists, so far no word of any arrests. and representatives from some of the bay area's top law firms gathered together today to figure out how to help some of the immigrant children arriving in the u.s. representatives from several law firms and others who attended the conference, they pledged to provide a minimum of 500 hours of pro bono work. some are even making their paralegal teams available to handle the immigration cases. >> many of the immigration proceedings are fact specific and require a lot of attorney time. the resources needed are large. >> a recent study found that more than half of the unaccompanied central american children in the u.s. could qualify for some sort of relief.
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yet nine of ten who appear before an immigration judge without a lawyer are sent back home. >> all right, some folks out hiking in the bay area are keeping their eye s open for soe very large spiders. >> it is tarantula mating season and the giant spiders are just out in force. >> and nick smith is out there watching for them or maybe they're looking for him at mt. diablo. >> reporter: we're out here looking for spiders that could belong in a horror movie. there is no reason to be fearful. this is their habitat, the four-legged creatures are in the mood for love. now this is some video we found earlier today. the tarantula is north america's largest spider, and mt. diablo is loaded with these spiders, they are an important part of
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our ecosystem and they help to keep the insect population in balance. it is this time of year where the eight to 12-year-old males leave their burrow to wander off in search of a female to mate with. what should you do if you come across the tarantula? >> you should stand and watch because they're cool to watch. let it do its business and find the mate it needs and enjoy it for what it is. >> we saw a few people out today looking to do just that, watching for tarantulas. depending on the mood of the female, the life of the male can shorten a lot. get this, she usually kills or eats him usually before or after ma mating depending on her mood. so the adult life of a male is
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interesting at best, you usually live to procreate, and then it is over. at mt. diablo, nick smith. and this group apparently won a protest over the controversial loss with the cubs. the game will be resumed tomorrow at wrigley field. the giants the incompetence of the crew. the giants believe the crew didn't do enough to get the field playable during the delay. and the delay lasted four hours, 35 minutes. ultimately the game was called and awarded to the cubs. the giants are right in the middle of a playoff chase so every loss really hurts them. we thought the chance of winning the appeal were not very good. but the giants hoped the game would be suspended and resumed.
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the rule book says only mechanical failure can result in suspension error. they were still waiting for details. the bottom line the game will be resumed and the giants will have a chance, very important given that they're chasing the dodgers in the wild card race, as well. all right, time to get a check on the weather. >> spencer christian has more. >> things are looking sunny, here is live doppler 7 hd. we still have lots of clouds around mainly confined to the north bay along portions of the coastline as you can see here. as a matter of fact, right now we have pretty mild water temperatures, as well. five to eight degrees above the average along the coastal waters which means we'll probably have a very mild overnight period as air temperatures won't drop very much. here is a live view of the camera over the bay. a half hour ago, it was much more cloudy. mostly cloudy overnight. warmer inland tomorrow than today. and we'll have a more seasonal pattern visiting us for the weekend. and continuing into next week.
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check out the cloud pattern here, nice, strong push of clouds into the north bay mainly and up near the golden gate. that is where the conditions have been the most dreary looking today. sunnier conditions prevail in the earlier conditions. and pulling back quickly to the coastline tomorrow, away from much of the coastline, as well. so we do expect a sunny, warmer day tomorrow than we've seen most of the week actually with high temperatures climbing up to seasonal levels. certainly more than we had today. during the overnight hours look for a chance of more, spotty drizzle. mainly near the coast. but possibly across the bay in the higher elevations of the east bay as well. fog will be widespread, temperatures generally right around or just above 60 degrees. i mentioned the warm water temperatures earlier. and they will contribute to relatively mild air temperatures
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overnight, as well. and tomorrow in the south bay we'll see mainly sunny skies, highs in the low-to-mid 80s, 82 at san jose, 85 at morgan hill in the peninsula, and mountain view, mid-to-upper 60s along the coast with sunny conditions along some coastal areas tomorrow. 66 tomorrow, highs at 70 at santa rosa, 80 at sonoma. napa, 77 union 70, the inland east bay with highs in the mid-to-upper 80s, 85 walnut creek, 87 at livermore and antioch, temperatures bouncing back saturday, sunday, monday, by tuesday and wednesday we'll look at inland highs right around or just above 90 degrees, low 80s around the bay and upper 60s on the coast. we'll get a taste of some warmer summer weather, late summer weather i should add early next week.
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larry and ama? all right, thank you, spencer. up next, making life safer for birds, the bay area program you can be a part of to prevent bird accidents. and later at 4:30, a ♪ ♪ ♪
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the port of los angeles welcomed an unusual visitor today. the world's largest bath toy. the 60 foot and nearly 11-ton rubber duck came into port for the celebration. the residents couldn't help themselves, they just had to take a picture with the big yellow fellow. a bunch of artists debuted the duck in 2007 and versions of it have been seen around the world. >> a version of it, screaming i must take a selfie. and a new san francisco program is aiming to prevent birds from crashing into windows. >> yes, the city is urging
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people to check the outsides of their homes to check for birds who have died, the city is focusing on residents near parks and open green spaces. >> between 2 million and 300 million birds are killed each year for colliding with glass windows. the problem is the birds don't see the glass especially when the sun and sky is reflected in it. >> and turning out to be a hazard, the city has a limited amount of grant funding to help pay for treatment like screens, film or items to protect this bird collisions. coming up at 4:00, the attorney general visits ferguson, missouri, what we're learning about the police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager. plus? since this weekend, pro-palestinian demonstrators are trying to block an off ship
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from bringing supplies, how much is this costing consumers? coming up in a live report. and later, she is only ten. how a bay ar
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. here are our top headlines this half hour, the search for a
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missing backpacker who teaches elementary school in fremont. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson says the coroner's office has been called to the scene for the search for 46-year-old gregory muck. he never returned from a hike in king's national park, tiffany will join us live outside the park. and regarding the military, they launched a secret mission this year to capture james foley. that mission failed. also, a photojournalist who was held hostage with him said that foley was punished for suspected escape plans. and pleading guilty to coercion charges, within moments, perry tweeted this saying get your i stand with perry bumper sticker today. the tweet links to an on-line form where people can donate for
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a sticker. and eric holder arriving in ferguson to visit with the family of michael brown earlier this afternoon. last night fortunately was much calmer in ferguson, missouri, as the focus now turns to the investigation. today, the grand jury started to hear evidence in the death of michael brown as attorney general holder prepared to meet with federal agents doing the investigation on that case. marcy gonzales has more from ferguson. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder in ferguson today visiting with law enforcement and meeting with federal agents investigating michael brown's death. >> the mere fact that he is here means that there is more transparency and we have an opportunity to seek more full justice. >> reporter: pursuing justice with a grand jury starting to hear evidence in the case today. >> they will have absolutely everything that there is. every piece of paper and photograph. every bit of physical evidence. >> reporter: and officer darrin wilson, shown in this video,
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will be given the option to testify about what led him to shoot the unarmed teen. a source close to wilson told abc news today that before the shooting wilson struggled with brown and suffered a serious facial injury. the police union says it is too soon to pass judgment. >> he has been vilified by the papers and the public, and we felt it was important to come out and ask for due process for wilson. >> but protesters are not backing down on their demands, taking to the streets again last night calling for wilson to be charged. >> disperse immediately. >> reporter: and again, clashing with police. >> get out of here! >> reporter: 47 people were arrested. still, officers say it was far less chaotic than previous nights calling it a turning point. marcy gonzales, abc news, ferguson, missouri. and in san jose today, faith
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and community leaders gathered to support michael brown and his family and the community of ferguson. grant was shot and killed by a police officer in 2009. coming up at 5:00, you will hear from sefus johnson about what he saw in ferguson and the visit he had with michael brown's family. and a ship trying to unload cargo being attacked. >> the protesters stopped for days, now the cargo is on the dock, the protesters are still claiming victory, though. >> reporter: well, the ship entered the port of oakland on saturday and because of those ongoing demonstrations it left and then returned. a lot of the cargo was off-loaded last night and actually right now it is idling in san francisco bay. this is the second zim-owned ship that has been targeted by demonstrators in the last few years. this is the cargo ship zim as it
4:34 pm
left its berth at the port of oakland this morning. demonstrators were picketing its arrival and continued the demonstrations today. >> we are blocking them like they did in gaza. >> reporter: they are trying to prevent or delay the cargo ship due to their protests. they are hoping to put costs on israel. >> this is a real hit to the investors of israel, including the stage of israel which has a huge stake in this corporation. >> reporter: but the israeli consul general says his government has not seen any impact. >> i did get calls about the policies and passing of the ship. i did not get those calls. >> reporter: this morning, after the demonstrations there were some dock workers who did not cross the picket line. this worker didn't want to give his name but explained why he did not cross. >> these people were standing up for something, i'm not going to
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drive through the line right now. >> reporter: officially his union says it neither supports or opposes this effort. a union spokesperson said workers offloaded much of the ship's cargo last night. but the international teamster's union which represents truck drivers and other workers says it is costing their members. the teamster representative said that target has already closed down one of their warehouse operations in oakland because of the occupied protests in 2012. he said that cost 100 jobs. in oakland, abc 7 news. more trouble for the family of a texas teen who gained fame for using the so-called affluenza defense, they rescued couch after a disturbance near his home. couch's son, evan, received ten year's probation in february for a drunk driving crash that killed four people.
4:36 pm
during his testimony, the psychologist testified he was the victim of affluenza, the product of wealthy parents who never set limits for him. and evacuating around iceland's volcano, because of increasing volcanic activity. they urged people to leave the area following thousands of small earthquakes in recent days. this area is not inhabited but is popular with hikers especially in the summer. they worry because of the international aviation chaos that caused the eruption of one volcano that cancelled several thousand flights. coming up, a motorcyclist survived a crash in a crazy way, we'll show you how it ended. and it may be one of the greatest culinary ideas out there. one way to go for everything
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bacon. and i'm spencer christian, the clouds will return tonight. i'll have the accuweather forecast. and we want to alert you on a traffic situation in berkeley, coming up you can see an accident on westbound 80 and the traffic is completely bottled up, that will stretch for quite some distance here. don't know the exact nature of that. but anybody heading back to 580 or san francisco
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take a look at this, a utah couple came up with a great way to keep a squirrel from climbing on their back yard bird feeder. the couple covered the pole that the squirrel was climbing with vaseline. you can see the poor guys trying to get up there, and slide back down every time. he finally gave up. the couple said the tiny amount they used is non-toxic, and the squirrel still got to go to the vegetable garden. >> i feel so bad for the squirrel, he is trying so hard. and down he goes! >> all right, the camera captured it. a motorcyclist appears on the right of your screen, he is coming right about now. he is going to slam right into the back of that car, and he lands on top of the vehicle. i mean, he does a perfect
4:41 pm
somersault, this looks like a movie and then he is on top of the car. the video was posted on youtube, shot in this russian city. my goodness. wow, well, an unusual restaurant is opening soon in montreal. everything on the menu includes bacon. >> which means you will probably go. take a look at these images released by bar brutus, including bacon-covered donuts, thumbs up with that? >> yeah, i like that. >> and bacon-wrapped sushi. >> i don't do sushi. >> all right, there is maple syrup and the hot pig, hot dogs. >> there is bacon hot dog, and this was a rose made from bacon. >> you will be there. i have a feeling spencer christian is not going to be attracted to that. >> yeah, i don't think so, not unless they have a good wine. >> an extra glass and i'm happy.
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hey, let's take to look at weather to make you happy i hope. a time lapse view this afternoon of cloud s streaming out over te bay, this is good news, for those who don't like clouds, blue skies showed up later. we have something for all-weather tastes, we go to live doppler 7 hd. that is pretty much the same picture, lots of thick low clouds up there, sunny skies in other locations, pick the kind of weather you like and go to that part of the bay area, across the states tomorrow, sort of a mixed bag of weather. we'll have thunderstorms in the great lakes, lower mississippi valley, high of 97 in st. louis tomorrow, very humid in st. louis, right along the mississippi river. that will feel pretty oppressive. also, 91 in chicago, minneapolis, 92 in phoenix with thunderstorms, plus, state of california tomorrow, sunny, warm, highs in the low-to-mid 90s, 98 at fresno, 98 at palm
4:43 pm
springs and here in the bay area after lingering morning low clouds, a sunny day pretty much all across the area with highs in the mid-to-upper 60s up the coast, 70s around the bay to mid-to-upper 80s around inland. and dreary weather will move out. no more drizzly weather for a while. >> still ahead on abc 7 news. >> researchers have found in the x-ray body scanners. and ray allen, victims of a home invasion. the dramatic 911 calls and why allen is angry with the investigation. and a california officer's first call on his shift turns out t
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it makes me happy to i like feeling smart. internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost internet access to over 1.4 million low-income people at home. internet essentials helped me progress in my schoolwork. it helped my grades move higher. today it's the largest broadband adoption program in america. it helped me a lot. comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide.
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covering daly city, dublin, and los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. and the university researchers made a disturbing discovery, they found ways to slip weapons through the body scanners. the roesearchers at john hopkin and university of michigan found that this pistol is taped above
4:47 pm
the man's knee, on the right, sewn against the pant leg. both are virtually invisible against the scan. another allowed the detonator here to be hidden in this man, belly button. the tsa has not commented but the agency switched over to millimeter scanners last year. the old ones are at some old checkpoints such as courthouses. and this man did not press charges against teens who were in this man's house. abc news reporter matt gutman with more. >> i saw flash lights and heard voices. >> reporter: listen to these 911 calls just released by the police. the wife of former miami heat star ray allen reporting waking up to finding seven strangers in her bedroom while she and her
4:48 pm
four children were sleeping. >> they were like as if they were on a tour, pointing out stuff, oh, wow, look at this picture, oh, my god, he has a flat screen tv. >> reporter: in police reports obtained by abc news, officers say the teens admit to letting themselves inside the home through an unlocked door. out of being curious, watching his piano even. their event cut short once they made it in the bedroom. >> i just sat up and said what the [ bleep ] are you doing inside my bedroom? >> reporter: police tracking down the allegedly admitting intruders within hours but prosecutors declining to file any charges against the group. the allens now criticizing their reluctance to arrest the teens, telling abc news the suggestion that anyone can unlawfully enter somebody's unlocked home in the middle of the night without
4:49 pm
consequences is unsettling. >> people were identified, having been in their home, uninvited, they're in police custody and we let them go. that would be frustrating to me or anybody else. >> reporter: police and prosecutors now say that after meeting with the family the teens will likely face appropriate charges soon. matt gutman, abc news, miami. and just a short while ago, miami prosecutors did in fact file trespassing charges against all seven of the teens walking around ray allen's home. they face up to a year in jail and a thousand dollar fine. several activists threatening to fight a lawsuit banning saggy pants, the law prevents people in certain areas from wearing pants that fall two inches below the waist in a way that shows their behind or waist. voters could be fined up to $500 and face jail time. the naacp says that it unfairly
4:50 pm
targets african-american men, they are asking the city council to now reconsider it. and a man in south florida is credited with delivering when it really counted the most. chris brown was working his route when a frantic woman ran out of her house and pled for help. that woman happened to be stephanie cooper. her 11 month-old son, eli, had swallowed a piece of plastic. stephanie tried everything to dislodge it and couldn't get it out. chris brown answered the call. >> he didn't even say a word, just grabbed my son and performed the heimlich on him. >> the baby started to cry. i said mommy, he is okay, he is okay. >> he is an amazing man. >> i really don't feel that way. because to me i would have done it for anyone. i hope someone would have done it for my children. >> brown says this is the first time in his 24 years with the post office that anything like this has ever happened. stephanie is thankful that chris learned the heimlich maneuver
4:51 pm
during emergency training that was given by the post office. oh, that is so good. well, listen to this, it was not a letter carrier but a police officer who saved the day for an elk grove person. >> the officer was near a driver who pulled up beside him who was honking his horn. he noticed the woman inside was about to give birth. he couldn't hesitate because the baby's head was already crowning and the baby was not breathing. >> the head was already out. it was completely blue. it was the third push that i got ahold of the base of the head and it popped right out. it took a second or two but it st started to breathe or cry. >> you get choked up. especially, i have kids, i know the experience, first thing i did was talk to my wife, we both teared up a little bit. >> the officer said helping the
4:52 pm
mom deliver her baby boy was the coolest thing he has ever done. and baby and mom are doing just fine. good thing he was there. >> that is the story that that family will be able to tell for years to come with smiles on their faces. thanks to officer templeton. yeah, oh, god, well, up next, how one bay area girl is putting smiles on the faces of children all around the world. i'm dan ashley, the head of apple gets a confidence boost, how tim cook is seeing a leap of faith, we'll explain. and from golden gate, clint eastwood filmed a lot of movies here, but from one landmark, it is about to bite
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all right, tonight on abc 7, the middle, folded by the goldbergs, back-to-back episodes of modern family and motive.
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and of course join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. we all know silicon valley is full of entrepreneurs who have big ideas and you're about to meet a very special one of them. >> yes, she is only ten and helping people all over the world. >> this is where it started. >> reporter: this orphanage in the philippines was once home to this girl adopted at the age of two. when she was six, she saw how happy the children were when she and her parents brought them cake and ice cream. so she launched the sweets for the holiday campaign. >> i want them to have a lot of happiness on their birthdays and on holidays. >> chris started writing letters and organizing fundraisers. in two months she had enough money to throw a party at another orphanage in the philippines. the idea caught on, here orphans
4:57 pm
enjoying treats in africa and philippines and elsewhere, she wrote back. >> i want to thank you for your action, so we can all enjoy our birthdays. >> this year "sweets for the holidays "became an official nonprofit. mom is a ceo and deals with logistics so chris could stick with fundraising and outreach. >> it is just beyond me what she started. >> chris is now focusing her efforts on chris campus, a fully funded effort in the philippines, she hopes to break ground there and have it up and running by the time she is 16. >> i have no doubt she will reach those goals. well, we do hope you visit us on line for more on this sweets for hope campaign. thank you for joining us. i'm larry diehl. and i'm ama daetz.
4:58 pm
what happened here in ferguson really is pretty identical what happened in oakland. >> oscar grant returns from oakland, seeing two parallels and two situations involving young black men involving police. and what is happening in missouri to get under way here in the bay area. a bay area teacher goes on a long hike and never returns, what one source is telling us right now. plus? >> thousands of firefighters save a town near yosemite. you will hear how close it came as people express their thanks. >> live, from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. protesters are starting to gather right now in oakland. you are looking live at pictures from sky 7 hd. demonstrators will speak out on michael brown's shooting by police in ferguson, missouri. good evening, i'm dan ashley. and i'm cheryl jennings.
4:59 pm
thank you for joining us, there are several developments in the shooting death of the 18-year-old teenager. attorney general holder is meeting with federal agents investigating brown's death and will later meet with the brown family. also the grand jury convened today, considering criminal charges against the officer who shot brown. and others calling on police to wear cameras, and it requires a response from the white house. here in the bay area, a local clergy is calling for solidarity in ferguson as oscar grant's family just returned. more on both developments, david? >> well, cheryl, the bay area may be 1800 miles away from ferguson, but officer-involved shootings occur here, as well.
5:00 pm
and one such celebrated case happened here in oakland in 2009, involving oscar grant, oscar grant's uncle went to meet with the brown family as well as walk in with the protesters. >> we stand with our friends in ferguson and we stand with young people of color and families here in this valley and say hands up! >> we all belong. >> this was one of 40 gathers across the u.s. by religious leaders to stand in solidarity by the people of ferguson. their congregations are jewish, methodist and catholic. they represent the diversity of silicon valley and they share the pain of a community divided in missouri over the shooting death of michael brown. >> race is merely a social construct. there is only how many races people? one race. the human race. and we all belong. >> as the wheels of justice move slowly in ferguson this inner-faith group is planning a large rally next wednesday at san jose h


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